Kevin McAuliffe City Softball League

Getting Started


·         The League Fee for the 2014 season is set with an incentive for returning teams. All returning teams who pay by March 7th will maintain the fee of $1525 from the 2013 Season. All new teams will pay $1550. After March 7th, the fee will be $1575 for all teams.

League Basics

·         The league is named the Kevin McAuliffe City Softball League after Kevin McAuliffe who started the league and served as its Commissioner until his passing in 2000. Original teams in the league referred to the league as the City Politics League and later as the City Softball League.


·         The majority of the games are regularly scheduled on Monday through Thursday nights. Rainouts and special circumstances will result in some games taking place on Fridays. 


·         For the regular season, game time varies by location.  Normally, the game time is 6:15 in Brooklyn, with a 20-minute grace period (till 6:35) before a forfeit is called. For East River, Con Ed, Dewitt Clinton and Murry Bergtraum School the game time will vary depending upon the permit time.  For the playoffs, game times and forfeit times take place earlier due to less sunlight.  Whenever possible, rainouts will be attempted to be made up during the week.  There are a number of games that take place in the evenings after 7 PM along the East River and uptown at the Col. Young field.


·         The majority of the games are played at Commodore Barry Park in Brooklyn (right near the old Navy Yard, just over the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges), and at fields in East River Park in Manhattan.  Games are also played at Con Ed Field just off the FDR Drive near 14th Street and near the South Street Seaport at Murry Bergtraum School.  Additional games also take place at Prospect Park. After Memorial Day, Friday night games are held at Dewitt Clinton Park on 52nd Street and 11th Avenue. The league is constantly attempting to expand its presence in Manhattan and is waiting to hear back from the Manhattan Permit Office about its application to attain additional playing space for the League. 


·         Rosters consist of up to 25 players.  Up to 5 members on a roster may be “non-company” players, i.e. outsiders. All non-company players must be declared on your roster.  Teams must submit a roster by end of May.  The initial roster will be used until early July, when changes may be made for a team’s final roster and be used for the rest of the season.


·         Teams must have a team color.  Whether uniforms are used or not, the players on a team need to wear something consistent with each other.  Each team and its players must adhere to wearing their team color during the season. The team uniform color must be submitted with the initial roster.


·         At the end of the playoffs, the two finalists meet in a best two out of three series called The Kevin McAuliffe City Softball Series.


·         The league is co-ed.  There must be women – at least one, preferably more – both on the field and in a team’s lineup at all times.  A woman must bat at least every 12th batter.  Twelve is the maximum size a batting order may be for each team.


·         The league uses “modified pitch” – no speed limits per se, but certain motions (such as the arc, the slingshot and the windmill) are prohibited.


·         An F-12 Clincher softball, bases, catcher’s mask, bats, and a home plate must be brought to every game.  If a team does not bring these materials, it is automatically the visiting team. Otherwise, a home-and-away is decided by a coin toss at the start of the regular-season game.  During the Playoffs, the higher seed is the home team.


·         Professional umpires are used for all league games. The Amateur Softball Association certifies all umpires.  The umpires are paid out of league fees.


·         Lineup cards are used for each game.  Two lineup cards should be filled out for each game with one copy given to the umpire and one copy to given to the other team captain.


·         The winning team is required to inform the Commissioner after each game of the winner, home team, and a brief description so the Commissioner may remain up-to-date of league happenings and knowledgeable for the end of the season awards. In 2001, the league was on the Internet for the first time.  The league’s site is currently being updated and will be constantly updated during the season.


·         All disputes should be raised to the Commissioner in writing.  The Commissioner has final authority over all decisions.  Decisions made by the Commissioner are irrevocable. 

Captains Will Receive

·         League Rules for the Season

·         Complete Season Schedule

·         Copies of Parks Department permits for all City Fields where games are played

·         Directions to all fields


An annual Captains Meeting takes place in early to mid-March each season.


There is also a Captain’s Guide posted on the League site which serves as an easy reference for new captain’s and teams looking to join the league.

End of the Year Event

There are numerous awards handed at the end of the year event.  Awards are distributed for teams and individual achievements.  Team captains are expected to provide a head count before the event. 


Kevin McAuliffe City Softball League Award

·         A yearly award that is named after Mr. Kevin McAuliffe, former Commissioner of The City Softball League, who passed away in August 2000.  The award will remain a challenge competition awarded to the winning team of the Playoffs. In addition, a contribution will be made in memory of Kevin in the name of the winning team to CROI – The West of Ireland Cardiology Foundation.

·         Mr. McAuliffe had a long career in New York government, publishing, media and communications, working behind the scenes as a speechwriter and press aide at City Hall under Mayors Ed Koch (1984-88), David Dinkins (1989-93) and Rudolph Giuliani (1994). He also wrote speeches for New York City Council Speaker Peter Vallone. At the time of his death, Mr. McAuliffe ran a communications consulting firm, Kevin McAuliffe Communication and Editorial Services, in Manhattan. Before his death, he released his critically acclaimed book Sayings of Generalissimo Giuliani.

League Championship Trophy

·         The League Championship Trophy is awarded to each playoff winning team of the respective division

Runner-Up Trophy

·         The League Runner Up Trophy is awarded to each playoff runner up team of the respective division

Regular Season Winner

·         The League Regular Season Trophy is awarded to each regular season winning team of the respective division

Tournament MVP

·         The Tournament MVP is awarded to the Playoff MVP for each respective division.  Each division’s playoff team captain provides input for this award. 

Player of the Year Trophy

·         The Player of the Year Trophy is awarded to the Regular Season MVP for each respective division.  Each division’s team captain provides input for this award.

Sportsmanship Trophy

·         The Sportsmanship Trophy is awarded to the player from each division who exudes a positive nature to their teammates and those around them.

Playoff Champions

·         In lieu of individual trophies, effective as of the 2008 Season, the champion of the Playoffs will receive a $500 team award.

Playoff Runner-Up

·         In lieu of individual trophies, effective as of the 2008 Season, the runner up of the Playoffs will receive a $250 team award.