About Kevin McAuliffe

Mr. McAuliffe was the Commissioner of the league from its inception in 1991, until his death on August 19, 2000. The league, made up of government staff members and people who work in media and communications takes place within New York in the Manhattan and Brooklyn boroughs. Kevin was widely respected and his presence both on and off the field is missed.

Mr. McAuliffe had a long career in New York government, publishing, media and communications, working behind the scenes as a speechwriter and press aide at City Hall under Mayors Ed Koch (1984-88), David Dinkins (1989-93) and Rudolph Giuliani (1994). He also wrote speeches for then New York City Council Speaker Peter Vallone. At the time of his death, Mr. McAuliffe ran a communications consulting firm, Kevin McAuliffe Communication and Editorial Services, in Manhattan. Married in April 2000, he released his critically acclaimed book Sayings of Generalissimo Giuliani.

Mr. McAuliffe began his career as a newspaper reporter and editor, and a radio broadcaster, in New England. He then moved to the New York publishing world as a ghostwriter and author. His first published book. The Great American Newspaper: The Rise and Fall of the Village Voice (Scribner's, 1978) is an award-winning history of the early years of the Greenwich Village-based alternative weekly-cited by the University of Missouri Journalism School as the outstanding book on journalism published that year.

Mr. McAuliffe was a member of the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC), and a two-time Pollie Award Winner from the AAPC for his work in public service media campaigns. He was a 20-year member of the First Friday Group, a group of (mostly) Irish Americans who met, until recently, at the old Irish pub Eamonn Doran's on the first Friday of each month for the "most interesting conversation in New York.

In honor of his service to the New York Community and his impact on those who have played in the League through the years, the League was renamed the Kevin McAuliffe City Softball League before the 2001 season.   To further honor Kevin's memory, a contribution is made each year in memory of Kevin in the name of the winning team to the Nassau Suffolk Services for Autism - (http://www.nssa.net)*.  

* Nassau Suffolk Services for Autism (NSSA) is a private, non-profit agency providing services to children with autism and their families.  If interested in getting involved with the NSSA or participating in any of its events, please contact the Commissioner.

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